The decision in favor of lung cancer screening is based on the burden of disease of lung cancer, the current national and international discussions on the topic, as well as new evidence from available studies that show the benefits of low-dose computer tomography (low-dose CT or LDCT).   

  • Lung cancer is one of the five most common types of cancer in Switzerland; accounting for 4500 new diagnoses per year, and the most frequent cause of cancer-related death in cancer patients, amounting to 3200 deaths per year.
  • Other countries are also discussing whether to recommend LDCT screening. The United States Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) has already made its recommendation on this topic.
  • Well conducted studies on LDCT screenings have already been carried out, such as the Dutch-Belgian NELSON study. The results were published in January 2020.
  • There is current health policy interest in the topic.

Scoping Report Low-dose CT screening for lung cancer October 2020
Stakeholder Consultation Scoping Report 20200511