The trusteeship council determines the topics for investigation to be dealt with by the Cancer Screening Committee. In so doing, it takes into account the evidence currently available, the burden of disease and aspects related to healthcare policy and the economy.

In early 2019, the trusteeship council selected the topics of cervical cancer screening and lung cancer screening using low-dose computer tomography (low-dose CT or LDCT).


11 August 2021

The Cancer Screening Committee recommends that cervical cancer screening should also include testing for the human papilloma virus (HPV). Women and non-binary persons and transgender men with a cervix who are aged between 30 and 70 years should in the future be able to have a cervical smear with an HPV test every three to five years. Positive test results showing evidence of cell changes should then be confirmed by a cytological examination. The cost of HPV testing should be covered by the statutory health insurance. For the 21-to-29-year age group, the committee recommends, as previously, that screening should consist of a cytological examination.

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