The Trusteeship Council

  • selects the experts for the committee
  • proposes topics for investigation within the Committee of Experts and decides on the agenda (thematic topics and focusses)
  • takes note of the Committee of Experts’ recommendations
  • decides on the dissemination of recommendations
  • ensures funding until 2022 and makes a decision concerning continuation after 2022

Composition of the Trusteeship Council

OncosuisseProf. Dr. med. Jakob Passweg, University Hospital of Basel, Chairman Oncosuisse
Prof. em. Dr. med. Thomas Cerny, Chairman Swiss Cancer Research Foundation
FOPHDr. med. Dr. sc.nat. Marc P. Schneider, Co-Head of Health Insurance Benefits Division, Health and Accident Insurance Directorate
GDK/CDSLuzia Guyer, Project Manager Highly specialized medicine HSM
Public Health SwitzerlandUrsula Zybach, Chairwoman Public Health Switzerland


Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH)

Swiss Conference of Health Directors (GDK/CDS)

Public Health Switzerland